Let Us Pray for You

CBF is a praying church. We care about you and your life and would love to be praying for you. You may also select if you want your request to only be sent to our Elder Board.

Prayer Groups

In-Person Adult Prayer Groups

Groups of three to five women and groups of three to five men meet in homes for support, encouragement and prayer for one another for an hour once or twice monthly.

Have Questions? Contact us here.

Job Seekers Virtual Prayer Group

With the impact of COVID-19, job loss, furloughs, and job change has accelerated and impacted our church body. Join us as we go to the Father in prayer through zoom each week as a group supporting those that are unemployed, furloughed, or experiencing job change. Pray with and for others that are navigating the same road – if you are unemployed or experiencing job change, you are not alone.

This group is open to prayer warriors that are both employed and unemployed. Contact Anthony and Debra Mustoe for more details.