Ministry Resources

Below are resources and forms for CBF members, regular attenders, and anyone ministering at Coppell Bible Fellowship.

For membership or sermons, please visit the following links.

Ministry Resources

Church Directory

The Elexio Community App is our online Church Directory for CBF Members. It is also available for regular attenders to use for online giving.

Click here for instructions to download and install the Elexio App.

Ministry Activity Checklist

The Ministry Activity Checklist has everything you need to know in order to schedule a CBF activity (class, event, meeting, etc.) including:

  • scheduling
  • childcare
  • budget
  • publicity
  • day-of prep

View & Download the Ministry Activity Checklist

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The Ministry Activity Checklist


  • Please check the church calendar to see if the date you prefer is available.
    • Link to CBF Calendar (Scroll to the bottom of page to see church calendar.)
    • Check individual events on calendar to see if room space is available.
    • Questions? Contact Robyn Barnes
  • Submit a room request through the calendar
    • Calendar Event Request
    • There is also link on the calendar on the 1st of every month.
    • You’ll need to know date, time, location, # people expected, contact person, audio-visual requirements, facility requirements (rooms, tables, etc.)
    • Questions? Contact Trish Wall
  • Is your event outside usual office hours of CBF (M-Th 8:30am-5pm)? If YES:
    • The CBF Ministry Leader/member will need a key to the building and a code for the alarm. o
    • Questions? Contact Trish Wall


  • Submit reservation through the Communication Request below.
    • You must request childcare 4-6 weeks prior to the start of the activity to allow time for CBF staff to ensure worker availability.
    • Parents must request childcare through an online registration form that the CBF Communication Team will create for the activity (this is required even if event registration is not required.)
    • Childcare RSVP deadline is 2 weeks prior to activity to confirm adequate number of childcare workers for the children.
    • Questions? Contact Margie Donohue


  • Want to publicize your activity?
    • Submit a Communication Request to request publicity (email, social media, video announcements, website, online registration, printed materials.)
    • It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to submit the request 6 weeks prior to the activity to allow 3-4 weeks of publicity.
    • Link to Communication Request
    • Questions? Contact Robyn Barnes


  • Expenses
    • Will you be purchasing anything for this activity?
    • Do you need a tax-exempt form? They are available in Info Desk mailbox slot.
    • CBF does not reimburse sales tax for retail purchases or catering. We do reimburse tax for restaurant dining.
  • Reimbursements
    • Do you need to pay someone (ie, speaker) or be reimbursed for expenses?
    • Robyn or Margie can help you with tax exempt Amazon purchases.
    • CBF Check Request Form
    • Form must be approved by Ministry Leader prior to submission
    • Read all instructions on form to avoid delays
  • Do you have cash or check payments from participants?
  • Need Catering?
    • Use tax exempt form, order yourself and submit for reimbursement.
  • Questions? Contact Trish Wall


  • If you are regularly scheduling volunteers, we have an online scheduling system, Planning Center Online.


  • Room Set Up
    • Each activity leader is responsible to set the room in the configuration that they would like and to then return the room to its previous set up.
    • Contact Trish Wall if extra time is needed for setup.
  • Clean Up
    • Please put all your trash inside the blue dumpster in the back parking lot. Do NOT leave it on the ground inside or outside of the gate.
    • Sanitize tables using cleaning supplies located in each room.
  • Lock Up
    • Turn off all classroom lights & shut all interior doors
    • Turn off upstairs hallway lights & stairwell lights (located at bottom of stairs)
    • Bathroom lights are on motion sensors.
    • Make sure all exterior doors are latched & locked.
      • Pay special attention if Worship Center was used. You’ll need to check all exterior metal doors FROM THE OUTSIDE to ensure they are closed securely.
    • Follow other steps found on Lock Up Checklist
  • Questions?
    • During office hours (M-Th 8:30am-5pm), contact any staff member.
    • After hours, text Trish Wall at 214.762.3519
Communication/Promotion Requests
RightNow Media

Free access to RightNow Media, a wonderful library of video resources for all ages. Click Here.

Discovery Class Assessments

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