Together Again

Together Again

These are crazy times for sure. The staff is continuing to work diligently to ensure our gatherings are safe. Our goals with our current modifications and plans are: 1. Keep everyone healthy and safe, 2. Make folks feel as comfortable and welcome as possible, and 3. Honor the governmental authority over us by following the guidelines outlined by Gov. Greg Abbott and Judge Clay Jenkins.


What can I expect on Sunday mornings? 

  • Effective Sunday, June 21st masks will no longer be optional. We ask that everyone over the age of 10 wear a face mask the entire time you are on church property (inside and outside).
  • During this time, we encourage you to follow social distancing guidelines.

What will the worship service be like? 

  • We will keep the same service times (9:00am and 10:45am) and service format as we did before Coronavirus.
  • See below for Children’s Ministry guidelines/instructions.

What precautions are being taken to keep us safe? 

  • The building will be professionally cleaned and sanitized before Sunday morning.
  • We will be cleaning and disinfecting common area surfaces (bathroom faucets, door handles, etc.) throughout the morning.
  • Please help us respect social distancing protocols by keeping 6′ between families before, during, and after worship.
  • Every other row in the worship center will be vacant, and there will be two empty seats between each household.
  • We ask that everyone over the age of 10 wear a face mask the entire time you are on church property (inside and outside).
  • We will temperature screen all staff and volunteers prior to service.
  • If you or your family member have shown any symptoms in the last 48 hours, we ask that you worship from home.

What if I don’t feel comfortable coming back in person yet? 

That’s okay! If you don’t feel comfortable coming in person for any reasons please continue to worship with us online. We will continue to record and stream the service like we have been doing. As state restrictions change, we will modify our plan as needed and communicate those details to you.

Children's Ministry Guidelines

• Starting Sunday, October 25, 2020, parents will be able to check in their children themselves. There will be syli available to use on the iPads. There are containers for the clean styli and once used styli (so that they can be cleaned & reused).
• The upstairs hallways and stairwells will all be 1-way traffic. Please follow marked arrows on the floor when dropping off / picking up your child.
• See FAQs Below:

Apart from being super fun, what will CBF Kids Ministry be like?
  • AWANA is meeting in their classes during first service (ages 3 year old through High School)
  • Nursery is in Room #107 both services
  • Toddlers & 2 year olds are in #106 both services, and 3 year olds will meet in #106 for 2nd service
  • Second service Sunday school is meeting in the Summit (4 years through 4th Grade)
  • AREA56 (5th & 6th Grades) is meeting in Room #206
What precautions are being taken to keep us safe?
  • We are committed to doing our best to keep your child safe and maintain the social distancing requirements. 
  • We ask that you allow us to temperature screen and hand-sanitize your child at the time of drop-off. 
  • All snacks will be pre-packaged. 
  • No supplies (i.e., crayons, craft supplies, etc.) will be shared. Each child will be provided with their own supplies. 
  • All toys will be cleaned/sanitized before Sunday morning, and no toys will be shared/passed between children. 
  • Due to limited room capacity, we are not currently able to use teen/youth volunteers.
How do you plan to practice "Social Distancing" with kids?

For Kids Worship in The Summit: 

  • Max. capacity of 30 kids.
  • Plenty of adult supervision and encouragement
  • We will ask kids to stay in their marked spot (which is 6′ away from everyone else)

For children in the classrooms: 

  • Some room capacities are more than 10 (2 adults + 8 children), but we are still staying within those capacities listed by each door
  • Plenty of adult supervision and encouragement
  • We will have tables and chairs set up at the appropriate distance
What if I don’t feel comfortable sending my child to Children’s Ministry yet?

That’s okay! Your kids are always welcome to join you in the worship center (we will provide coloring activity books) or you can continue to worship from home via the online stream.