Together Again

Together Again

These are crazy times for sure. The staff is continuing to work diligently to ensure our gatherings are safe. Our goals with our current modifications and plans are: 1. Keep everyone healthy and safe, 2. Make folks feel as comfortable and welcome as possible, and 3. Honor the governmental authority over us by following the guidelines outlined by Gov. Greg Abbott and Judge Clay Jenkins.


What can I expect on Sunday mornings? 

  • Effective Friday, June 18, 2021, the CBF COVID-19 Mitigation policies are as follows:
    • Wearing a mask is now optional on CBF campus for both services and all events.
    • We encourage you to follow the latest CDC guidelines for wearing masks based on your chosen activities and whether or not you are vaccinated.  That list can be found here:
    • If for any reason you prefer to wear a mask, we encourage you to do so while on campus.
    • Whether vaccinated or not, we urge you to stay at home if you or any member of our household are sick.
    • We will continue to monitor directive from our elected officials. As such these polices are subject to change; we will plan to re-evaluate periodically.

What will the worship service be like? 

  • We will keep the same service times (9:00am and 10:45am) and service format as we did before Coronavirus.

What precautions are being taken to keep us safe? 

  • The building will be professionally cleaned and sanitized before Sunday morning.
  • If you or your family member have shown any symptoms in the last 48 hours, we ask that you worship from home.

What if I don’t feel comfortable coming back in person yet? 

That’s okay! If you don’t feel comfortable coming in person for any reasons please continue to worship with us online. We will continue to record and stream the service like we have been doing. You can watch those here. As state restrictions change, we will modify our plan as needed and communicate those details to you.


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