Current Opportunities to Serve

Do you want to get involved at CBF, but don’t know where to start? We hope to offer an opportunity for everybody to serve in their capacity and giftedness. If you are looking to take that next step of giving back to God through service, please take a look below to see what is available or email to find out what position might be a fit for you.

Front Lines Ministry

Front Lines Ministry | Contact Jim & Lesli Munson 

  • Coffee Bar Barista (1-2x/mo)
    • Contact Tyler & Kelly Witt
  • Info Desk Concierge (1x/mo)
  • Engager/Runner (1-2x/mo)
  • Greeter (1-2x/mo)
  • Usher (1-2x/mo)
  • Security Team (1-2x/mo)
Children’s Ministry

Children’s Ministry | Contact Jenny Lewis & Margie Donohue 

  • Sunday School Volunteer (openings for all ages, 1x/mo)
  • Sunday School Sub (as needed/available)
  • Awana Sub (1-2x/mo)
Student Ministry

Student Ministry | Contact Brian Vranicar 

  • Breakout Group Leader (weekly, Wed nights during school year)
  • Youth Mentor (1-2x/mo)
Adult Ministry

Adult Ministry | Contact Marci Elkins or Michael Hewitt

  • Discovery Class Table Host (1x/qtr)
  • Discovery Class Presenter (1x/qtr)
  • W3 Exercise Instructor Sub (as needed/available)
  • Women’s Retreat Planning Team; Various opportunities
  • Women’s Special Event Team (as available, 1-2x/yr)
  • Women’s Bible Study Team; various opportunities (as available)
Missions & International Ministry

Missions & International Ministry | Contact Leah Clark 

  • Men’s International Bible Study Leader/Sub (as needed)
  • English for Life Volunteer (1-2x/mo)
Connections & Hospitality

Connections & Hospitality | Contact Melissa Kinney 

Church-wide Special Events

Church-wide Special Events | Contact Marla Shubert 

  • Various opportunities available (2-3x/yr)
    • Planning
    • Decorating
    • Food & Hospitality
Worship Ministry

Worship Ministry | Contact Brent Lamb 

  • Stage Musician (1-2x/mo, as available)
    • Drummer
    • Bass Player
    • Keyboards
    • Vocalist
  • AV Team/Sound booth (1-2x/qtr); various opportunities available
  • Videography Team (1-2x/mo, as available)
  • Worship Team Breakfast Coordinator (1x/mo)

Communications | Contact Robyn Barnes or Gretchen Kirchner

  • Digital Communications Team (3-4x/mo); various opportunities available
  • Photography Team (1-2x/qtr)