We realize that getting familiar with a new country can be a little intimidating and we want to help!

    We have friendship/game nights in American homes for the whole family to attend. You can get to know other internationals and new American friends.  We will share American and international foods, play games, and plan outings to American cultural events. 

    We have Americans who will be your friendship partner to mentor and help you get familiar with American rules & regulations, finding stores, understanding school policies, and more! 

    Also, if you are curious to learn more about the Bible and what it says about God, we also have women's and men's Bible classes (friendship and a place to ask questions!).

    We also have available one-on-one teaching of the Bible to those who feel they would be more comfortable asking a lot of questions of one American friend instead of learning in a class setting.  

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     The Melting Pot

    Connecting women in a multi-cultural environment including relational learning about American culture. Meets once per month from September through May.


    English For Life 

    Meets weekly at the church as an opportunity for international women to come together to practice their English speaking skills and learn practical tips about living in the United States. Meetings are September through April.

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    International Women's Bible Fellowship

    Weekly opportunity for international women, who aren't native English speakers, to gather and learn more about the Bible. Also see our Bible Studies page for more information and to register your children for our Children's Program.

    Meetings are usually September through May.


    International Men's Bible Fellowship

    Looking for Men of Peace. Weekly opportunity for international men, who aren't native English speakers, to gather and learn more about the Bible.

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