Russia Mission Trip 

    Evangelism through teaching conversational English in Russia 

    WHERE:  Nab. Chelny, Tatarstan, Russia 

    WHO: Ages 18 and older 

    WHEN: Summer 2018

    COST:  $3,200 (approximate) 

    CONTACT: Phil Luckett  972.835.6661 

    Trip Snapshot 

    Are you interested in something new, fun, adventurous and truly helpful to others? Would you like to do this with just a little training, using skills and knowledge you already possess? 

    Our purpose is evangelism through conversational English courses in forest camp dormitories where we live with Russians for 6 days and nights. We also grow relationships by sharing our lives and culture through American sports, holidays, skits, singing, hilarious activities, and sharing our spiritual values, then presenting the gospel prior to a fun but emotional graduation ceremony.

    Visit Moscow, take an overnight train ride, and bless others with something they really want - a chance to talk to an American and get lots of practice in conversational English. 

    If you know Christ and the English language, you are qualified!