Amazon River Mission Trip

Journey to the Amazing.

WHO:  Anyone (12-years-old age minimum)

WHEN:  July 10-19, 2019

COST: $2,975 (includes airfare from DFW)

Have Questions? Contact Marla Shubert. 


Trip Snapshot

The Amazon Rainforest is a breathtaking tropical paradise!

The majestic scenery, the lush smell of the rainforest, with a symphony of macaws, parrots and other tropical birds and monkeys playing in the trees above is something that most people have only imagined.

The only thing that surpasses the beauty of its landscape is the beauty of the people of the Amazon. Their sweet, humble and welcoming spirit is a blessing to all who meet them. 

Join us as our Senior Pastor leads us through this strikingly beautiful environment on a 95-foot yacht of a boat and experience the awe and joy of sharing the love of God with children, teenagers and adults who know very little, if anything, about Jesus Christ.

God has designed this mission trip in a way that allows us to show His love powerfully but in the most simplistic ways . . .

  • Play frisbee or color with children
  • Play soccer with teenagers and men 
  • Brush hair and paint fingernails 
  • Simply talk about everyday life issues that we share in common such as marriage, raising kids, balancing work and family, etc.  

God uses these simple and easy means to show His love for the people of the Amazon, through us, and draws them to Himself in the process. If you can do any of these things, then God has already prepared you to be used mightily by Him on this mission of mercy.